Social Media Graphic Design and Branding

Social Media Graphic Design and Branding in Roseville, CA

If you want to connect with as many customers as possible, you have to be on social media. This is especially true if you want to connect with young customers, who are often extremely digitally connected and expect their favorite businesses to be able to interact with them on social media. So unless you are a social media guru yourself, you have probably already thought about hiring a social media manager to make sure that you always have interesting and on-point posts, perfect responses, and great outreach for your Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, Granite Bay, Loomis, or Auburn, CA business on Facebook, Twitter, or your social media platform of choice.

But did you know that your social media graphic design is also extremely important? It’s easy to forget about this, because  social media sites already design your page for you and decide what elements are going to be where, and how they are going to be arranged on the page. But you still need spectacular images that communicate what your business is all about, if you want people to connect with you on social media and take your company seriously.

Social media graphic design for your pages and profiles

On Facebook and Twitter, you have the option of putting up profile pictures, logos, background images, and other design elements to show your customers what your company and social media profile are all about. We can do this for you, here at James Jet Black Designs. Let us create your banner art, your logo, and any other design work you need to build a gorgeous social media page or profile!

Social Media Branding for your posts

Once upon a time, social media was all about text. You could write posts and, if they were really  well written or very interesting, people would share them all over the place. Marketing was easy, even for people without graphic design expertise.

Now, it’s all about the images. Memes are king, and they express emotion and humor through the expressions of the people in the photographs. If you have an inspiring thought to share or an important argument to make, you have to put it in a pretty font, in front of a gorgeous background, and create an image of it if you want it to gain any popular traction on social media sites. Or you have to add the words to a compelling photograph that will reinforce the argument and help to make your point for you. The point is, you have to have graphic design to be able to have any success at all with your posts on social media.

At James Jet Black Designs, we can help you with this part too. We offer reasonably priced packages for social media posts so that you can always have thee images you need to make your page successful. Give us a call today for a free estimate on our social media graphic design, and experience the James Jet Black Design difference for yourself!

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