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Graphic design doesn’t do a whole lot of good if you don’t have somewhere to put it. And if you are looking for a graphic designer for your website, you don’t necessarily want to look for somebody else altogether to create the website for you. You can simplify your website building task with help from James Jet Black Designs! We don’t just offer graphic design for your website; we also will build your website for you, and make sure that you do everything you need it to for your business to succeed! Check out some of the special services we offer for your website design, graphic design and logo design needs.

Responsive Website Design at James Jet Black Designs

Responsive website design means that your website will work on mobile devices as well as desktop devices, and that it will look great no matter what your visitor’s screen size or resolution is. Instead of having Columbus that are fixed widths, responsive website design automatically adjust column widths to fit the screen.

If someone clicks on your website and then has to scroll left and right to be able to read every single line, they are going to leave your site really fast. That’s not fun for anyone to look at, and who would spend money on a site that isn’t even designed well enough to be easy to read? Don’t lose customers because you didn’t plan for mobile viewers – have James Jet Black Designs create a responsive website design for you and meet your customers where they are!

Ecommerce Website Design at James Jet Black Designs

A huge amount of the sales that happen nowadays are conducted online. If you are selling anything, you need an ecommerce site. If you are ready to move beyond eBay for selling your products, we can build you an Ecommerce site here at James Jet Black Designs. We will set up your site to take credit cards and PayPal, automate sales for digital products so that your customers don’t have to wait for you to sign in to get their products, and do any custom design you need for the individual products you are offering. Give us a call today to find out how an ecommerce site can revolutionize your web sales!

SEO and Marketing at James Jet Black Designs

When you put up a website, you need it to show up on people’s Google searches. The art of optimizing your website for search engines is called, well, search engine optimization. Here at James Jet Black Designs, we are SEO experts and increasing your brand identity exposure online. Let us take care of your key words and site meta data, and you will be amazed at how easily your site traffic increases. Call James Jet Black Designs today for a FREE consultation and estimate on your website design project!

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